Where Do You Rank? Sign Up for the Virtual Challenge

The National Championship isn’t the only place you’ll be able to compete against the best amateurs from around the country. Our Virtual Challenge takes your qualifier performance and shows you where you rank nationally in your division.

You simply pay an additional $12 when signing up for your qualifier and pick men’s (where you’ll be automatically placed within the Gladiators, Knights, or Saints Division) or women’s. Since each qualifier is a PDGA sanctioned C-Tier, your rounds will get a rating, and the average rating for both rounds will be stacked up against all other Virtual Challenge participants in your division. Place of finish is the tiebreaker, so make sure you’re in it to win!

You can track the unofficial standings throughout the season, and at the end, official results will be posted on nextgendiscgolf.com with the top 25 percent in each division receiving payout. Disc Golf Center will be providing the payout again this year, giving winners access to one of most extensive inventories of disc golf merchandise out there.

 Last year, we had over 1,200 competitors take on the Virtual Challenge, then known as the DANCe, and paid out more than $18,500! This year, we are expecting both of those numbers to be even larger, so make sure you secure your spot. If you play in more than one qualifier, you can sign up for the Virtual Challenge again and have multiple entries to increase your chances. Don’t miss it.