Silas Schultz at the DGPT Memorial

2017 Next Gen Tour 2nd place finisher Silas Schultz gives us his take on the Disc Golf Pro Tour Memorial in Arizona…

My favorite part of the Disc Golf Pro Tour Memorial was just getting to compete against the best players in the world on some fantastic courses.

Competing with the pro’s was an eye opening experience for me. I have been playing advanced in my local area and at most tournaments I’m one of the highest rated player. So coming to a DGPT tournament where I was trying to compete with some of the best in the world was like nothing I have been doing. So that was really different and cool.

The highlight of my tournament was hole 18 at the fountain in the third round. I was trying to make the cut so I could play at vista on the last day. I had got to hide 15 and knew if I wanted any chance of making the cut I would need to birdie out. First I parked 15 then made a 25 footer on 16 then put it under the basket on 17. When I got 18, we had a huge wind coming off the fountain that pushed my teebird to the top of the hill outside of circle 2. I had about 70ft Jump putt at the water in a headwind to birdie out. I made it and it my have been the best putt of my career. It’s to bad that was not enough to make the cut but it was a great putt.

The event was a lot like I expected. One thing I did like was the Udisc live scoring so my family could follow along. I absolutely love this tournament and these courses I would be super excited to come back.