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A player has the option to compete in several different event types in order to earn NG Points:

  • NG Premier Events
  • NG Exclusive Events
  • NG Affiliate Events
  • NG League Events

The event must be a part of the NG Tour, not every PDGA event is part of the tour. You can look for an NG event near you by heading to our 2019 tour schedule.

Tour Schedule

Players Packages for the 2019 NG Tour will be determined by the Tournament Director. There are two options for the TD: players choice and single brand. A particular TD might be a sponsored player and they might be inclined to host their event as a single brand event in order to comply with their sponsors requirements. Most other TDs will be hosting a players choice type event where the player will have the freedom of choosing which manufacturers players package they would like to receive for the event.

2019 Exclusive Event Players Packs:

  • $45 Retail Value
  • 1 NG – Synergy Art Stamped Disc
  • 1 Sticker
  • 1 Towel
  • 1 Keen 50% off discount card (good for any one item, doesn’t have to be shoes)

Players Pack Options:

  • Innova – NG Corvette
  • Discraft – Swirly Buzz with a $5 upgrade option for a McBeth Kong/Zeus
  • Latitude 64 – Opto Musket or Pioneer
  • MVP – Axiom Insanity
  • Discmania – 2019 C-Line PD2
  • Legacy – Metal Flake Recluse
  • Gateway – Limited Prophecy
  • Kastaplast – K1 Gote
  • Infinite – Glow Sparkle Emperor
  • Prodigy – Limited Spectrum 350 PA3


When you compete in an NG event you will earn points based on the amount of people you beat in your own division, much like the PDGA. In fact, we will take those points you earn through the PDGA for your NG event and add a multiplier depending on the type of event you played in.

  • NG Premier Event – 5x Point Factor (regardless of Tier)
  • NG Exclusive Event – 4x Point Factor (regardless of Tier)
  • NG Affiliate Events
    • A-Tier – 3x Point Factor
    • B-Tier – 2x Point Factor
    • C-Tier – 1x Point Factor
  • DGPT Amateur Event – 2x Point Factor
  • NG League Event – 3 points per competitor beat




If Paul Wysocki plays an NG Exclusive event (C-Tier) in the Advanced division and defeats 10 people he would earn the following points for the NG Tour:

  • 10 People beat @ 5 points each per PDGA = 50 PDGA points
  • 50 x 4 (NG Exclusive Points Factor) = 200 NG Tour Points


If Kevin Rico plays an NG Premier Event (B-Tier) in the Intermediate division and defeats 10 people he would earn the following points for the NG Tour:

  • 10 People beat @ 6 points each per PDGA = 60 Points
  • 60 x 5 (NG Premier Points Factor) = 300 NG Tour Points

For a list of all points earned by division and PDGA event tier, follow the link below:

PDGA Tour Standards


NG Exclusive & Premier Events will have payouts that meet the PDGA requirements. The payouts will be issued by NG through Infinite Discs once the results are posted by the Tournament Director on PDGA. The payout amounts will be dependent on player registration, the same as any other PDGA event. The payouts will be added to your Infinite account and can be redeemed at anytime. If a player wants to play multiple events and win multiple payouts and rack up their account balance, then that’s entirely up to them. Every competitor that plays in the NG Tour will have an Infinite Discs player profile. Infinite discs will also provide tracking for current points standings for the entire tour.

To check standings follow the link below:

Ng Tour Standings