Next Gen Virtual Challenge

Stay Locally—Play Nationally

US Virtual Divisional Challenge:  Competitors may elect to enter the US Virtual Divisional Challenge when registering for a qualifier for an additional $12.

There are two options competitors can choose from; mens, who will automatically be entered into the respective division in which they have registered, or womens, who will all be grouped into one encompassing division. Competitors who compete in more than one qualifier may opt for the US Virtual Divisional Challenge when registering for each and each entry is treated as a separate entry in the US Virtual Divisional Challenge.

All qualifier rounds will receive a PDGA rating, the average of both ratings will be ranked against all other US Virtual Divisional Challenge competitors in that division on a national basis using the competitor’s overall place of finish to break any ties.

A players rating for the US Virtual Divisional Challenge will only be significant at the time the specific event was completed. If a players rating increases after the event it will not affect previously played qualifier tournaments and challenge entries.

Unofficial standings for the Gladiator, Knight and Saint divisions (men’s) will be hosted by throughout the season;  Note: these standings are unofficial as they will include female competitors.  The Women’s division and results will be compiled and first reported with the ‘official’ US Virtual Divisional Challenge results posted on the page.   The official results and a 100% value prize payout to the top 25% of each division will be posted at with instructions for winners to collect their prizes – all competitors will be notified by email when the information is posted. The Next Gen staff will make every effort to complete this within 2 weeks of the last Qualifier tournament. Winners receive credit equal to their winnings at Scale will be based on the lowest payout amount equaling $15.