Next Gen Tour Hits Europe

Disc golf continues to grow overseas, and Next Generation Disc Golf is proud to support that rapid growth. The Next Generation Tour has expanded into Europe this year for a pilot program that will hopefully lead to Europe having its own region in 2019. 

With this expansion, we’re excited to have the first-ever worldwide amateur tour. It also provides a new competitive format in Europe, as players overseas are very competitive. This year’s European tour will include three divisions: Gladiators, Saints, and Ladies. With the great deal of women who play in European countries, we found it fitting to have a division of their own to compete in.

The other major change will be prizes will be given in Euros, since players rated under 970 are accustomed to competing for Euros as opposed to prizes. The top-10 bids will receive invitations to participate in the National Championship in Arizona. If the pilot program is successful and Europe has its own region next year, those invited will get paid trips to compete in the finals. 

We will hopefully have events in Finland, Germany, and Estonia this year and are hoping to expand to other countries. It is exciting to introduce our expansion to Europe and we look forward to it being another step forward for Next Generation Disc Golf to provide amateurs a platform to compete with the best from around the globe and prepare to be professional disc golfers.