Next Gen Double Down

All US and Canadian competitors who compete in a Qualifier or Premier Event are eligible for the Double Down option sponsored by disc golf center.

Eligible competitors may elect to enter their average rating for any upcoming PDGA sanctioned tournament where they play in an amateur division held prior to October 28, 2018 into the Regional Rankings (described below) and, if elected, the US Virtual Divisional Challenge.

Competitors must enter online at the Next Generation Double Down registration page on PRIOR to the start of their upcoming PDGA sanctioned tournament. Any entries after the start of the tournament will be forfeited and the competitor’s average rating removed.

For Double Down entry into the Regional Rankings and Payouts the entry fee is $20;

Note: Double Down entries are not eligible for invitations to the National Championship.

Registrants may also option into the US Virtual Divisional Challenge for an additional $12 fee.   Please refer to the section above for further information.

50% of all Double Down registration fees will be added to the Regional payouts via

100% of all US Virtual Divisional Challenge fees will be added to that payout.