National Championship: Day 1 Wrap Up

Today the culmination of the 2017 Next Generation Tour kicked off in exciting fashion. Round 1 was taken storm by 14 year old Silas Schultz out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Silas put region 3 on top with a blistering 45, nine under par at the Fountain Hills disc golf course championship layout which would yield him a 1031 PDGA round rating. Taking the second hottest round at 7 under par was Andrew Tucker out of Colorado which would score him a hot 1010 PDGA rating.

For some people round 1 wasn’t as smooth sailing. The number one rated player in 989 rated Christopher Keseloff out of southern California would end up missing his scheduled tee time and take 12 penalty strokes to begin his much anticipated National Championship round. Chris would go on to battle his way through adversity and finish his round shooting 3 over par keeping him in the hunt for making the 36 player cut off.

Moving into round 2 of the tournament the hot talk was the young lefty Ethan Tschantz who managed to cash in on a 390’ hole-in-one. Ethan wouldn’t be the only to card a 1 in round two, young gun Alex Stoops out of Colorado would go on to put in a smooth skip ace on well-guarded hole 14.

The final honorable mention goes out to Joseph Rawling out of Sussex, WI who would end up shooting the hottest round of the tournament putting down a scorching 45, eleven under par that would score him a 1052 PDGA round rating that would catapult him into 1st place at the end of day 1.

Your top 3 competitors after day 1 are Joseph Rawling, Silas Schultz, and Benjamin Cole.