Let’s Give Away a Car!

The 2017 Next Generation Disc Golf Tour Series announces 118 tournaments with the National Champion winning a car.

Next Generation Disc Golf is pleased to announce Latitude 64°’s title sponsorship of the 2017 Next Generation Tour Series providing over $500,000 in discs and merchandise. The sponsorship will help support 118 tournaments around the country with the National Champion winning a car. “In 2016, Latitude 64°’s support enabled us to send Next Generation champion, Jake Peters, to Europe to compete in a EuroTour event this year as a professional. We couldn’t be more excited to work again with Latitude 64° in taking Next Generation Disc Golf to new heights for 2017” said David Feldberg, Next Generation Tour Series Director and Latitude 64° sponsored team member/manager. Feldberg was recently named the most competitive disc golfer in the past decade by the Professional Disc Golf Association.

“It’s been 42 years since a car was a top prize for playing disc golf, it was a pretty big deal at the time. When the Next Generation team approached us with their plan to award a car to their Amateur champion – we saw a natural fit with Latitude 64°’s mission.” noted David Berglund, CEO of Latitude 64°

Competitors register to play in one of 12 qualifier tournaments across 9 regions (108 total) held between April and June. Top finishers are invited to their respective Regional Championship held between July and October, where, again, the top finishers are invited to a National Championship in November in Arizona, where, amongst other groundbreaking prizes, the winner will take home a car. The website, full schedule and registration information will be released in early February. “We started with the big idea…. “let’s give away a car”…. from there we developed a series that not only awarded a new car but also: pays every competitor back well over 100%; offers options for every amateur of all skills; and provides one-of-a-kind player and prize packages at our championship tournaments. We look forward to sharing more detail the coming weeks – but it’s critical to note without the support of Latitude 64° none of it would be possible.” said Feldberg.