2019 Next Gen Affiliate Events


  • This relationship made a ton of sense for us. They will ship everything to you, will handle all orders, and provide broad new online capabilities to www.nextgendiscgolf.com including: online payouts, reporting point rankings on a National, Regional and State basis and providing individual online player profiles.
  • Welcome new sponsors INNOVA, DISCRAFT, PRODIGY, LEGACY,  LATITUDE 64, DISCMANIA, KASTAPLAST, GATEWAY, and MVP. These new sponsors bring new opportunities for our player base. Offer your event as a ‘players choice’ (they choose what players pack they want) or as the TD you can choose to offer one particular MFG players packs.
  • IT’S ALL ABOUT POINTS! This year all rankings, National Championship invites and regional/national payouts are based on NG points (similar to the PDGA point system). We will be offering multiple ways for players to earn points throughout the year. Our NG Affiliate tournaments award points based on the PDGA Tier level of the event.


  • REGISTER YOUR EVENT: Complete online TD scheduling here:

Registration Form

    • Schedule your event via NG form above
  • PROMOTE YOUR EVENT locally to encourage the broadest participation
  • ORDER PLAYER PACKAGES from Infinite Discs;
    • Date of order contingent on which shipping method is chosen by the TD.
    • TD may order extra or elect to have day-of registrant player packages or by Infinite directly to competitor afterward
    • Provide a course map and overview of any course rules/OBs to each card
    • Print Scorecards and Scoreport Cards
    • TD provides scoreport
    • Complete and upload scores with 24 hours of competition
    • Complete and upload PDGA event report; Pay PDGA fees;
    • Send player detail .csv to Tour Manager to create player profiles

Additional Notes:

  • TD responsible for PDGA fees, Insurance, shipping expenses and any course reservation fees.
  • Per player course fees, when necessary, may be collected onsite or online, so long as it’s communicated clearly in the event description
  • TD’s are invited to help staff Premier Events near them



Player Entry $ TD Choice
Format Inherited from Event
PDGA C-Tier/B-Tier/A-Tier
Charity Contribution Edge Program optional. TD would collect $2 per player to donate directly to edge and receive a prize package for there event from EDGE.
Players Package

C-Tier – $25 value: NG Disc, Towel, Sticker

B-Tier – $50 value: NG Disc, Towel, Sticker, Hat

A-Tier – 100 value: NG Disc, Towel, Sticker, Hat, Backpack

*Nominal package, actual products may vary somewhat by manufacturer however value will remain the same. This will be communicated to the TD from the Tour Director.

Player Package Cost & Shipping

C-Tier – $15, shipping handled through Infinite, 3-5 day lead time

B-Tier – $30, shipping handled through Infinite, 3-5 day lead time

A-Tier – $60, shipping handled through Infinite. 3-5  day lead time

Exact Shipping times depend on where you are located.

Divisions All divisions offered by the PDGA
Tournament Payout

Payouts handled by TD, only thing provided by NG is the players packs

NG will provide a prize package for the TD to use as he feels.


Based on PDGA points multiplier, NG Affiliate Points Multipliers:

  • C- Tier: 1X PDGA point factor
  • B-Tier: 2X PDGA point factor
  • A-Tier: 3X PDGA point factor

*See following for PDGA point factors:


* Note: To receive point factor, event must both be sanctioned at the specified tier and player packages associated with that tier offered/sold.  IE: A PDGA A-Tier that purchases C-Tier player packages will receive the C-Tier point factor. It is the TD’s responsibility to clearly communicate the correct NG Point factor to their players.

Virtual Payouts

All competitors eligible for Regional and National Payouts at year-end.

All divisions; Payouts based on divisional size.  Top 25% of each division paid.

Total online payout projected at more than $25,000  in merchandise.

National Championship Invites

See competitor handbook; https://nextgendiscgolf.com/competitor-handbook-2/#ch8

TD Rewards
  • Any event choosing only one brand for their  players packs will receive a bonus pack from that particular manufacturer.
  • Exception For Innova and any TD that chooses to use multiple brands will receive $1 infinite credit for every player pack ordered.


  • We have partnered with EDGE (Educational Disc Golf Experience). All exclusive events, will be donating two dollars per player to the EDGE program. Each event will have additional prizes proved by EDGE for each events contribution!!