2017 Next Gen Tour

12 Qualifiers per Region
9 Regional Championships
1 National Championship

 “After enjoying one of the most successful touring careers of all time, the Next Generation Disc Golf Tour Series is my passion project and contribution back with a focus on developing our amateur and youth competitors.

We provide a fun tournament series for all amateurs leading to championships offering a competitive experience that mimics the focus, pressure and feel of our sport’s top professional events. In fact, our strategic partnership with the Disc Golf Professional Tour includes the first-ever path for top amateurs transitioning into touring disc golf professionals.

Our successful 2016 12-event tour awarded the top finisher, Jake Peters, a trip to Europe and a spot in a 2017 EuroTour event.  For 2017 we’re proud to share the Next Generation Tour Series of amateur-only events nationwide including 108 NGT Series Qualifiers, 9 NGT Regional Championships and a National Championship where the winner takes home a car!   We hope to see you there.”

Dave Feldberg,  Tour Director