2016 Next Generation Champion Jake Peters Interview

Jake Peters, Next Generation Disc Golf’s 2016 Champion, first played disc golf in 2006 when he was going to college in Chico, CA. His home course is the University of Out of Bounds at the College of the Siskiyous in Weed, CA. Recently Jake sat down with us to share his experience winning a trip to Europe and competing in The Skellefteå Open.

How was your first trip to Europe?

This was actually my second trip. I was fortunate to do some traveling around Greece in 2005. The trip to Sweden was everything I could have asked for and more. The people of Skellefteå were inviting and didn’t mind helping a lost American haha. The food was fresh and delicious. It almost felt I was eating food for the first time. Meeting the Latitude 64° family in their hometown was very special. They truly make you feel like family.

As part of your prize, you were granted a spot for Euro tour event. Which one did you play and how did you do?

As an amateur competing in a Pro event I didn’t play too terribly haha. The course is well manicured and extremely challenging. I loved everything about it. I arrived 10 days in advance and focused solely on disc golf and more specifically my putting. Since the trip my putting accuracy has improved significantly. I flicked the switch from sometimes to everything. I’de say I lost the battle but won the war!

Did you have a chance to go to Latitude64 factory while you were in Sweden? If so how was it?

Yes indeed! Had to visit the factory and meet the people working behind the scenes. Imagine stacks of your favorite plastic all over the place. Hearing the machines in the background  building more plastic. David Berglund, CEO of Latitude 64° gave me a tour of the factory. It was one of many awesome experiences of the trip.

Overall, what would you tell people the biggest difference between playing disc golf in Europe compared to United States.

Not to knock on Americans but Europeans play with a higher level of professionalism. Their events feel like a professional environment beyond any other event I’ve attended and the players conduct themselves with a pride and grace through the good shots and not so good shots.

Would you return back to Europe in the future to play disc golf?

You better believe it! I made a lot of great friends while in Skellefteå, Sweden and will definitely return to enjoy their company and beautiful countryside. If I could tour exclusively in Europe that would be amazing.