Top Amateurs Set to Battle for Disc Golf’s Biggest First Place Prize at Next Gen National Championship

What is the Next Gen Tour

A nationwide amateur disc golf tour with a mission to provide amateurs with the highest quality experience available, while providing the highest payouts, opportunities, and memories in disc golf history!! NG is in its 4th year and has already had over 300 events with over 8,000 players and given away over a million dollars in prizes including:

2016: A full expense trip to play disc golf in Europe

2017: Brand new Kia Soul

2018: Brand new Jeep Renegade

2019: $50,000 in cash payouts and $50,000 in prizes.

How it works

Next Generation Disc Golf has a variety of different events nationwide from March-October where you can earn points for the opportunity to win prizes and qualify for the National Championships.


Qualify For Nationals

This year qualifications will go to the top point earners in each state. Each NG event has a point multiplier based on the level of the event. You take your PDGA points for the event and multiply it by the NG multiplier and that is how many NG points you have earned for that event.

Premier events-5x
Exclusive events-4x
A- tier affiliate -3x
B-tier affiliate -2x
C-tier affiliate-1x
League-3 points per player beat

DGPT AM Events – 2 points per player beat


We have partnered with EDGE (Educational Disc Golf Experience). All exclusive events, will be donating two dollars per player to the EDGE program. Each event will have additional prizes proved by EDGE for each events contribution!!

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