The National Amateur Disc Golf Tour is now the home for Next Generation Disc Golf.

You can find our latest information and tour schedule for the 2021 Amateur Disc Golf Championship.

Dave Feldberg – Founder of NextGeneration & NADGT



2019 MPO – Kyle Klein

2019 MP40 – Robert Tate

2019 FPO – Aria Castruita

2018 Champion – Silas Schultz

2017 Champion  – Chris Kesseloff

2016 Champion  – Jake Peters

Pictured:Aria Castruita

2019 Tour

Events: ~200 | Competitors: ~2500
Grand Prize: Over $100k in cash and prizes

2019 would go on to be known as the “Players Choice” year. NG was able to partner with 9 different big name manufacturers giving the players the option to choose which company swag they took home from each event. This was also the year that Infinite Discs became the title sponsor and aided in providing player profiles and point calculations based on overall performance throughout the year. This was the year that regular divisions were introduced and multiple divisions were hosted at the national championships which was now to be located in Austin, TX. The tour at this point was advocating for providing a platform for up and coming amateurs to make the transition from amateur to professional by offering large cash payouts at the finale. It would be Kyle Klein, Robert Tate, and Aria Castruita who would take home the “W’s” that year.

2018 Tour

Events: ~200 | Competitors: ~2000
Grand Prize: Brand New Jeep Renegade Latitude Edition

Description: In 2018 the tour trimmed down to 8 regions and converted to a 3 ratings based divisional tour: Gladiators, Knights, and Saints. This would also aid in the introduction of the Virtual Challenge which would allow players to compete for scrip all year long against players nationally and within their region. In order to earn a spot at the finale, a player would have to compete as a Gladiator (MA1) in order to qualify. The tour once again gave away a brand new car, but upgrading to a Jeep Renegade Latitude Edition which was a suitable vehicle considering the tour was still primarily backed my Latitude 64. Silas Schultz took down a commanding win at Fountain Hills at the age of 17, being unable to actually drive the Jeep home himself.

Pictured: Silas Shultz

Pictured: Chris Kesseloff

2017 Tour

Events: ~130 | Competitors: ~1500
Grand Prize: Brand New Kia Soul

Description: In 2017 the tour expanded its reach and divided the US into 9 regions. Each region consisted of qualifier events and regional championships. In order to get to the national championships, a player had to compete in qualifiers which would then earn them an invitation into the regional championships, and then top competitors from all regional championships earned an invitation to the national stage in Fountain Hills, AZ. This was the first year that NG gave away the single largest prize awarded in disc golf, a car: Kia Soul. That year would be known as the year of the “Comeback Kid” for Chris Kesseloff who would begin his tournament 12 strokes back as he missed his tee time and first 3 holes of the competition, but then later fight his way back to a double sudden death playoff to take home the victory.

2017 Tour

Events: 12+ Championship | Competitors: <100
Grand Prize: All expenses paid trip to Europe to compete.

This was the inaugural year of the Next Generation Disc Golf Tour and consisted of 12 events scattered throughout the US. The tour concluded in Arvada, CO for the championships where Jake Peters was crowned champion. The tour was based on points earned at each qualifier event awarded based on placement. In order to qualify for the tour, you must have played a minimum of 4 qualifier events, and attend the championships.

Pictured: Jake Peters