North East

Next Gen Qualifiers

Date Course City State TD Details
4/28/18 Lyndon State College Lyndon VT Travis Connolly impending*
5/5/18 Deer Lakes Park Tarentum PA Cody Winget details
6/2/18 Maple Hill Leicester MA Steven Dodge details
6/2/18 Glenwood Park DGC Princeton WV Greg Bishop details
6/9/18 Dragan Field Disc Golf Olathe ME Josh Connell details
6/16/18 Chili Disc Golf Course (Widener Park) Rochester NY Tony Inzana details
6/17/18 Munden Point Park Virginia Beach VA Edward Merry details
6/23/18 Waller Mill Park ?????? 10th?? Williamsburg VA Larry Merrill details
6/30/18 Halstead Hill Owego NY Richard Powell details
7/14/18 Loriella Park Fredericksburg VA Jeff Shattuck impending*
7/21/18 New Quarter Park Williamsburg VA Tommy Douglas details
8/25/18 Lime bluff Hughesville PA Pete sickler details

*Registration will open no later than 30 days before event.

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