Next Gen Regional Championships

North East: Sept 8–9 | Codorus PA
South East: Sept 22–23 | Huntsville AL
Midwest: Aug 4–5 | Lemon Lake IL
Central: Sept 1–2 | Emporia KS
Mtn-East: Aug 25–26 | Denver CO
Mtn-West: July 27–28 | Pocatello ID
Southwest: Oct 27–28 | Flagstaff AZ
West Coast: July 21–22 | Estacada OR

Description: 8 Regional Championship tournaments by invitation only through Next Generation Series Qualifiers. PDGA Sanctioned B-Tiers.  Held between July 15 and October 31, 2018. The three NG ratings-based divisions will be hosted. Top Finishing competitors qualify for invitations to the National Championship.

Field: Up to  216 competitors for all regions but the Mountain-West and Mountain-East regions which are up to 144 competitors each.;

Format: 2 day tournament with multiple pools and courses (2 minimum) based on participation level.

3 Rounds for all plus a final 9 holes for the top 16 competitors in each division.

Registration and Fees: Next Generation Regional Championship Entry: $150; All Next Generation Registration is by invitation through See Invitations to Regional Championships in Section 4 above.

  • Regional Championship host sites may have extra greens fees, local club per person fees, or park entry fees.
  • These fees, at the discretion of the Tournament Director,  are extra in addition to the Next Generation Entry fees above. and the responsibility of the competitor.
  • Any on-site usage fees and the collection thereof will be noted on the Disc Golf Scene tournament detail page.

Players Package: All Next Generation Regional Championship competitors will receive a players package valued at over $150;  Competitors will be provided lunch both days.

Prizes: Each Regional Championship division will offer the following prize payouts to the top 12 spots:

Place of Finish:

1st: Trophy, $1000 in prize value, 2019 Next Gen Disc Golf team tryout

2nd-4th: Trophy, $500 in prize value, 2019 Next Gen Disc Golf team tryout

5th-8th: Trophy, $300 in prize value

9th-12th: Trophy, $200 in prize value

Note: For Mountain-West and Mountain-East regions the above prize values are at 50%, all other prizes remain the same.

National Championship Entry: The top 3 competitors with the highest average rating, regardless of division, earn a paid entry fee to the National Championship worth $200. In the event one of the top 3 competitors declines the invitation/entry fee, the invitation will be offered to the next qualifying competitor and the paid entry fee will be forfeited.

Note: For Mountain-West and Mountain-East regions the top 2 competitors with the highest average rating from each earn the paid entry fee.

Invitations to National Championship: The 10 competitors  with the highest average rating at their event, regardless of division, will earn an invitation to the National Championship.

Note: For Mountain-West and Mountain-East regions the top 8 competitors earn an invitation to the National Championship.

Forfeited or declined invitations will be offered to the next finishing competitor by average rating in the respective Regional Championship until all available invitations are accepted. An invitation is considered accepted once the competitor registers for the tournament at

Results and Ties: All ties for 1st, 4th/5th, 8th/9th, and 12th will be broken by sudden death play or by any related disc golf skill event determined by the Tournament Director.

Disc Golf Scene

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Region 2: Southeast

Region 3: Midwest

Region 4: Central

Region 5: Mountain East

Region 6: Mountain West

Region 7: Southwest

Region 8: Northwest