Next Gen C-Tier & Qualifier

NOTE: You must be registered 2 weeks before Next Gen Qualifier to guarantee you receive player pack!


The Next Gen Qualifiers are fun entry level tournaments for all levels of Disc Golf. They are all PDGA sanctioned, however, you don’t need to be a registered PDGA member to participate (PDGA fee is waived). There are 3 ratings based divisions creating a competitive environment for beginners all the way up to amateurs aspiring to become professionals. The top finishers in each division are invited to compete in the Next Gen Regional championships.

Ratings Based divisions

Gladiators [Blue] 935+ Rating
Knights [White] 935–900 Rating
Saints [Red] < 900 Rating

Next Gen Virtual Challenge

The Next Gen Virtual Challenge will be ratings based for males, and one division for female competitors. Learn More Here


Top 5 in each division

  • 1st Trophy Disc + entry into Regional Championship ($150)
  • 2nd Trophy Disc + $50 L64 Customs Voucher
  • 3rd Trophy Disc + $40 L64 Customs Voucher
  • 4th $20 L64 Customs Voucher
  • 5th $10 L64 Customs Voucher
  • Top 25% of each division invited to Regional Championship

Day-Of Registrations: if no player packages available, competitor receives a $25 L64 Customs Voucher (sent after tournament)

Player Package

  • Exclusive Sarek Gold Burst Glow White $18
  • Exclusive first run Ballista Pro Gold Burst: $18
  • L64 Customs Voucher- $10


Description: Tournaments within a specific region noted as Next Generation Tour Qualifier Tournaments with extended invitations to the top 25% in each division to their respective Regional Championship in each of the 8 regions around the country. Tournaments are open to all qualifying competitors of any age, skill or gender and will be held up until 3 weeks prior to the respective Regional Championship. Unless otherwise specifically noted, the Qualifier tournament will extend invitations to the Regional Championship in the region where the qualifier is held. Competitors may compete in multiple qualifiers in different regions, but will only qualify to the Regional Championship in which they have earned invitations to.

Field: Up to 72 competitors unless otherwise noted

Format: 2 rounds of 18 holes.

Registration and Fees: Standard Next Generation Qualifier Entry Fee: $48

  • Qualifier host sites may have extra greens fees, local club per person fees, or park entry fees.
  • These fees, at the discretion of the Tournament Director,  are extra to the Next Generation Entry fees listed above.
  • Any on-site usage fees and the collection thereof will be noted on the Disc Golf Scene tournament detail page.

Rescheduling and/or Relocating: In the event a qualifier tournament has less than 20 competitors registered 15 days prior to the event, the Tournament Director, reserves the right to reschedule and/or relocate the qualifier tournament.  In the event a tournament is rescheduled and/or relocated, all registered competitors will be offered the option of a full refund if they choose.

Players Package: All Next Generation Qualifier competitors receive a players package valued at $50 consisting of a driver, a midrange/putter, and a $10 voucher to the Latitude 64 Customs store.  In the event a competitor registers the day-of and a player package is not available at the time, the competitor may receive a $25 voucher to the Latitude 64 Customs store.  Competitors are to coordinate the voucher with the Tournament Director and the respective Regional Director after the event.

Prizes: Prize payouts for top 5 in each division:

1st: Trophy Disc + entry into Regional Championship ($150)

2nd: Trophy Disc + $50 L64 Customs Voucher

3rd: Trophy Disc +  $40 L64 Customs Voucher

4th: $20 L64 Customs Voucher

5th: $10 L64 Customs Voucher

In the event the first place finisher declines the entry into the Regional Championship, the invitation will be offered to the next qualifying competitor and the paid entry fee will be forfeited.

Results and Ties: For the purpose of clearly awarding the trophy discs and vouchers, all ties for 1st, 2nd, 3rd,4th  and 5th place will be broken by sudden death play or by any related disc golf skill event determined by the Tournament Director. Per PDGA Guidelines for C-Tiers, all tournament results are intended to be posted within 24 hours of the event.

Invitations to Regional Championships: The top 25% in each division will be invited to register for the respective Regional Championship. Qualifying competitors will be added to the invitation page for their regional championship after the tournament. NG Staff will seek to complete all invitations within 2 weeks of the qualifier tournament whenever possible.

All invited competitors will receive an email once they have been added to the Disc Golf Scene invitation page with registration instructions and tournament information.

Based on the pace of registration for any specific Regional Championship NGDG staff may, at their discretion, elect to extend invitations beyond the initial invitees. In doing so they will:

  • Notify the initial invitees of the additional invitations
  • Seek to invite an equal number or % of field from each event.
  • Retain a minimum number of spots to accommodate the top 25% from any remaining qualifier tournaments

All invited spots are offered on a first-come first-serve basis unless noted otherwise.

US Virtual Divisional Challenge:  Competitors may elect to enter the US Virtual Divisional Challenge when registering for a qualifier for an additional $12. There are two options competitors can choose from; mens, who will automatically be entered into the respective division in which they have registered, or womens, who will all be grouped into one encompassing division. Competitors who compete in more than one qualifier may opt for the US Virtual Divisional Challenge when registering for each and each entry is treated as a separate entry in the US Virtual Divisional Challenge. All qualifier rounds will receive a PDGA rating, the average of both ratings will be ranked against all other US Virtual Divisional Challenge competitors in that division on a national basis using the competitor’s overall place of finish to break any ties. A players rating for the US Virtual Divisional Challenge will only be significant at the time the specific event was completed. If a players rating increases after the event it will not affect previously played qualifier tournaments and challenge entries.

Unofficial standings for the Gladiator, Knight and Saint divisions (men’s) will be hosted by throughout the season;  Note: these standings are unofficial as they will include female competitors.  The Women’s division and results will be compiled and first reported with the ‘official’ US Virtual Divisional Challenge results posted on the page.   The official results and a 100% value prize payout to the top 25% of each division will be posted at with instructions for winners to collect their prizes – all competitors will be notified by email when the information is posted. The Next Gen staff will make every effort to complete this within 2 weeks of the last Qualifier tournament. Winners receive credit equal to their winnings at Scale will be based on the lowest payout amount equaling $15.