Compete in 1 of our 108 Qualifier tournaments held around the country between April and June.  Place in the top 12 to receive an invitation to your Regional Championship.   Finish in the top 8 spots at your Regional Championship to earn an invitation to the National Championship in Fountain Hills, Az. in November.  Win the National Championship – take home the car.  If you win your qualifier, your entry into the Regional Championship is paid for.  If you win your Regional Championship, your entry fee is covered as well as all of your travel expenses to play in the National Championship.  It’s possible someone can win the car for no more than their Qualifier entry fee.

The Champion’s car will be new, sporty and nicely equipped.  It will be chosen with an eye toward touring, efficient with plenty of space.  We’re working hard to finalize the car, model and trim level and will announce the details in late February before the Memorial Tournament.  Look for the car to be on display at the Fountain Hills disc golf course in March for the 2017 Disc Golf Pro Tour Kick-Off.

Of Course!!!   We put a lot of effort into ensuring everyone gets value out of playing in our events.  The players package for the qualifier is exclusive and worth 135% of your entry fee.   You’ll want to put the discs right into your bag, not trade them away.   All qualifier tournaments are run as a single division, however every competitor will have the option to compete in a nationwide virtual division called the National Sidebet.  Say you regularly play in the Advanced Women’s division, select the National Sidebet and the Advanced Women’s division when registering and you’ll be competing against every other Advanced Woman competitor nationally who also enters.  We hope it will be like playing in a division as big as Am Worlds but without having to burn a week or two of vacation.  The National Sidebet will have a 100% payout and details will be released shortly.