the DANCe


$15 gets you a ticket to

The Divisional Amateur National Challenge aka

“the DANCe”

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Traditional disc golf divisions offered include Advanced, Advanced Women, Advanced Masters, Advanced Grandmasters, Intermediate, Intermediate Women, Recreational, Recreational Women and Juniors.  

Enter when registering for a Qualifier.  You may enter once per Qualifier. Each entry is treated as a separate entry into the DANCe.

All entries ranked by DGCR RoundRating on a national basis by division using competitor’s overall place of finish to break ties.

Sandbaggers: We value integrity.  If clear evidence of sandbagging is produced and provided to Next Generation Staff, we reserve the right to disqualify you without refund.

Within two weeks after the last qualifier, full ranked results and a 100% value prize payout to the top 25% Next Generation Disc Golf website with instructions for winners to collect their prizes.  Scale will be defined by lowest payout amount equaling $15.

Winners receive credit equal to their winnings at


Sample Payout:

If 5 Intermediate competitors entered per Qualifier, that would equal 540 entries with a payout of $8,100.  Pay 25% = 135 places;

Sample Pay Scale:

1st Place: $300

2nd-5th:  $150

6th-15th: $125

16th-25th: $100

26th-35th: $90

36th-45th: $80

46th-55th: $65

56th-65th: $50

66th-75th: $45

76th-85th: $40

86th-95th: $35

96th-105th: $30

106th-115th: $25

116th-126th: $20

127th-135th: $15